As parents and carers of children at Albert Primary, we are all considered members of S.O.A.P. Every penny you donate and every minute you can give to the events helps us enormously, hence the slogan, Many Hands Make Light Work. We are positive each parent has something to bring to the school community and actively encourage the free flow of ideas and potential offers of help, even if it takes time to materialise. Please don't be shy in coming forward!




We are always looking to work alongside local and nationwide businesses with a vested interest in supporting Albert Primary's educational objectives. Whether this is through sponsorship, donations, or educational talks, it all helps. Please get in touch if you think your company can help. 




Penarth is a bubbling town with fantastic things happening all the time. If you would like to get S.O.A.P on board for any interesting activities relevant to family life, please get in touch.



Albert Primary School,

Albert Road,


Vale of Glamorgan,

CF64 1BX  

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